cylindrical nutcracker

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Cylindrical screw nutcrackers in natural ash and birch wood. Height 10.5 cm, Ø 5.7 cm. Finished in food grade oil.

Reuse the nationally-manufactured aluminum container certified to be in contact with food in which the nutcracker goes to store nuts, tea pastes, chocolates, infusions….

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The story of how, from a small village of less than 500 inhabitants in a corner of Galicia, an object only 12 cm high and only 6 cm in diameter arrived at one of the trendsetting stores in the world, is a mixture of talent and chance .

This ash and birch piece, that has given us so much joy, came about more as a practical necessity than a design exercise. We’ve always liked nuts, but not the devices on the market to crack them. What’s the logical solution for a turner? Making your own nutcracker. Differentiation has always been a hallmark of our workshop. To do this we had to start by “taking it for a spin” (never better said, in our case). We opted for a rounded design to make it easier to hold the nutcracker in your hand. To give it a smooth feel, we finished the piece with oil which, in turn, helps keep the screw in perfect condition.

The story of how it arrived in London is a little more complex: in September 2017 our wooden plates and nutcrackers traveled to the London Design Festival with the Artesanía de Galicia brand along with pieces from other Galician artisans. As a result of the participation in this fair, in the autumn an ​​order for these pieces arrived from a store in London: Momosan Shop.

In March 2018, the Artesanía de Galicia Foundation told us that our nutcrackers were for sale at Tate Edit!, the store at the Tate Modern Gallery in London that has its own access from the street.

We couldn’t believe it! How was that possible? Who took him there? The answer was simple: those responsible for the Tate Edit asked different reference stores in London to choose, among the items they had for sale in their stores, those they considered representative of contemporary design. And Momosan Shop chose our nutcracker.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 5,7 × 5,7 × 10,5 cm

Conservation instructions


1.- Do not wash this nutcracker with water.

2.-Clean the remains of the shells with a brush.

3.-Put a moistened cloth over the thread from time to time

4.- Keep the nutcracker away from any form of heat.

This product is covered with a specific oil for food use according to European Regulation No. 1907/2006, Annex II; modified by Regulation No. 453/2010

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