We love challenges, we can’t help it. So we enjoy every custom project that our customers ask us. And if they allow us to collaborate with other artisans, so much the better. This is where we unleash our creativity for what the client asks us to do. For us there is no concept of “this can’t be done”, but we have replaced it with “let’s give it a thousand spins to see how to do it”. From the concept we develop together with the client to reality, we embark on a creative process that has a point of chaos, trial and error, until the spark of inspiration emerges that leads us to the final result . We show you some of Atalanta’s most emblematic projects.


In the fall of 2020 we received an email from a communication company asking us about the possibility of making special wooden plates for the Galician dairy brand Feiraco.

Feiraco is a cooperative of 2,500 Galician farmers highly committed to the quality and traceability of their products with a minimal carbon footprint.

They wanted to run a customer loyalty campaign at the beginning of 2021, raffling off a batch of products made by Galician artisans. They proposed to us to make plates that were engraved with the typical spots of the cow’s skin. Something similar to this image.

1.- Proposta da empresa de comunicación r

We immediately started working.

First we select the type of plate and the most suitable size for an illustration like the one you requested. We start with an 18 cm diameter plate, “Air” model. Taking into account that Feiraco’s philosophy is linked to completely natural and quality products, we believe that the best proposal was a natural wooden plate on which that illustration was drawn in black. In this way we proposed this design to them.

For the template we have the collaboration of the Amorote handmade printing workshop Hand-made screen printing workshop – Amorote Printing Workshop

While we were doing this show and organizing the rest of the set with other craftsmen, the need arose for it to have a tray and for that tray to also have a template with the cow spots and the Feiraco logo. The result was this:

They also wanted the pieces to carry the legend behind them. “Atalanta for Feiraco”, so they stayed like that.

In addition to the work of designing and making the pieces, it was also necessary to make a package that reflected the philosophy of the project: quality and sustainability.

In this way, we first include a card with the storage tips for the dishes that we place as a separator between them when packing them so they don’t get scratched.

Later we wrap each set of two boards with paper covered wire.

Each set of trays and plates was wrapped in paper and packed in a recycled cardboard box.

Once we had the client’s approval on all ends of the job, the parts began to be made, which were delivered in February 2021.

Many thanks to Feiraco for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to work on this project and for highlighting the work well done by our craftsmen.


D-Raíz is a sustainable fashion accessories brand. It has a physical store and workshop in the city of A Coruña, as well as an online store.

Feli, who knew about our work through a mutual friend, suggested that we make him some buckles for a bag. We have never started making clothing accessories and/or accessories before, but we thought it could be an interesting challenge.

He drew us a drawing (almost a doodle) to take as a starting point.

At first we thought of making them out of 15mm thick marine birch board and replacing the typical buckle cross member with a copper wire.

We didn’t really like this model and neither did Feli, so we decided to change the design.

We opted for a larger, thicker, wooden design that had more body to be part of a bag.

With the final sample made, we begin production:

Pezas cortadas e perforadas, listas para tornear
Pezas cortadas e perforadas, listas para tornear
Fivela no torno
Fivela no torno
Pezas listas para entregar
Pezas listas para entregar
And this is how the buckles look in D-Raíz’s creations. We invite you to visit their website https://d-raiz.com/ and learn about their fantastic proposals in accessories and sustainable and ecological fashion.


In March 2019 we received a call at the workshop asking if we could make some dishes for children.

We were called by Alba Castro, a Galician resident of the Basque Country at the time who launched a sustainable breeding website Sustainable breeding | Kimaya (bekimaya.com). Alba, knowing that in Galicia there has always been a long tradition in the manufacture of wooden objects, had just asked her father if he knew someone who could make those small plates for her. Coincidentally, his father had just seen a report about us in La Voz de Galicia (Draw the wood in feminine (lavozdegalicia.es) and he lacked time to comment.

Alba wanted to make some wooden plates for children but she needed something else: she thought that those plates would have illustrations of animals, but not the typical giraffes, hippos … that children never find around them. Alba wanted those illustrations to be of animals in danger of extinction in the Iberian Peninsula such as the lynx or the Piornal hare.

We gladly accept the challenge. First, we proposed two types of plates that we thought were most suitable for children: the round plate with a diameter of 16 cm and a square plate that we were testing at the time, with the possibility that it also had a small bowl embedded in the same plate for fruit or water, both in birch wood with a food grade finish.

Alba loved both proposals and decided to do some samples in each of them.

The next step was to decide on the technique with which the illustration should be included on the plates. We suggest lasering them into the raw wood itself. He also accepted the proposal.

The last step before making the samples was to have the drawings. For this, he turned to the same graphic design studio that was creating his brand image:

Debuxo da lebre polo estudo Mow
Debuxo da lebre polo estudo Mow
Debuxo do lince polo estudo Mow
Debuxo do lince polo estudo Mow

We already had what was necessary to make the samples. And so they were:

There was only one detail left: Alba wanted their logo to appear on the plates (like ours) and we did it. On the back of the plates we placed the two engraved logos.

With the prototypes completely ready, the production phase began

Concos en proceso de produción
Cuncas e pratos Kimaya preparados para rematar
Pratos acabados no proceso de secado
Pratos acabados no proceso de secado

In September 2019 we delivered all the pieces and this is how they look in Kimaya’s online store, which we invite you to visit: https://www.bekimaya.com/comer

Thank you Alba, for allowing us to participate in this beautiful project. It was a pleasure.


At Atalanta we are committed to revaluation.

We use local woods, almost forgotten for domestic use, such as birch. At the same time, we redesign everyday objects to give them a more contemporary presence.

This philosophy caught the attention of Sargadelos, who proposed that we make a piece of his catalog in birch wood.

This is how our collaboration began, turning the lids for your scented candles.

Tapa velas

Sargadelos candle covers

Detalle parte superior tapa vela

Top view of the candle cap

Tapa velas secando

Candle caps drying

Tapa velas en torres

Covers ready for shipping