We are very happy (and proud) that some of the best restaurants in Galicia chose some of our pieces to present their dishes. Each and every suggestion from these professionals has helped us improve the design of the products we offer you. For us, they are more than customers: they are collaborators.

Below is the list of restaurants where you will be served some of their culinary creations with our handmade wooden pieces.

Pezas de A Casa dos Xacobes feitas por Atalanta

A CASA DOS XACOBES (Santiago de Compostela)

After appearing in a special of “La Voz de Galicia” about the suggested gifts for Christmas 2018 ( The wooden plates will travel to Japan ( We received the call from María José Ramil. Our colorful plates were the perfect kitchen utensils that she and her son wanted to propose in “A Casa dos Jacobes”. They fit both aesthetically and philosophically. From that moment on, they always counted on us when presenting their proposals. We even designed and manufactured dishes for their participation in the Santiago (é) tapas competition 2019, where they won one of the categories in which they participated.

Instagram: @casa_dos_xacobes

Prato do pan en Bido Restaurante

BIDO (A Coruña)

Juan Crujeiras met the Aire dishes in the first edition of Artesanía no Plato (Santiago de Compostela). It was “love at first sight”, moreover BIDO is another of the names that birch wood has in Galician (bidueiro) with which most of our dishes are made. A few months later our pieces dressed their tables.

BIDO website:

Pratos de madeira Atalanta en Boketé

BOKETÉ Catering & Wedding (A Coruña)

Boketé was our first professional client.

When Taky (Javier Rodríguez Ponte) found us, he was looking for a different kitchen tool to offer his customers.

We know him for being one of the founders of Grupo Nove. A group originally formed by 9 chefs dedicated to spreading, promoting and disseminating Galician cultural wealth through gastronomy, inside and outside Galicia, where it remains the only one dedicated exclusively to catering.

Although at first you were looking for a wooden plate for bread, we ended up offering you a versatile piece that allowed you to use it also as a napkin in the wide range of events that they organize every day.

Working with them is always a plus of energy and a challenge.


Concos de madeira torneados feitos por nós para o Restaurante Casa Solla, onde Pepe Solla presenta auténticas obras de arte culinaria (imaxe cortesía de Pepe Solla)


One spring afternoon in 2016 the phone rang and on the other end of the phone line I heard:


– Yes, it’s me

– I’m Pepe Solla. do you know who i am?

After a few tenths of a second of disbelief and a positive response from me, Pepe began to tell me about his new project in Madrid. It would be a restaurant with a Galician flavor and called “Atlántico”. He had seen our Aire plates the previous summer and thought they would be a good fit for the project. Also, having a food grade finish allowed them to silver directly without having to use greaseproof paper as was the norm at the time.

This is how our relationship with Pepe Solla began, a chef with stars but very affectionate and approachable.


Prato de madeira modelo Mar para tortilla.


The first visit to Culuca to show them our pieces was as quick as it was lovely: Chisco was very clear about what he liked and what he didn’t like, he loved our plates with a natural finish but they seemed too flat for his fantastic Betanzos tortilla (a type of omelet that has a very runny egg) so he asked us if we could make the dish deeper. From that need came the “Mar” model boards: a very thin and light board but a little deeper than the Aire model (our first wooden board model).

That first visit gave rise to other pieces and much more: some tasting tables, some remains of cutlery, some spatulas … and we keep adding.


Táboa degustación de Fire Capitano feita por Atalanta


A professional coincidence made us meet Javier Corrochano and his establishment. Our ability to adapt to the needs of each client and yours to be clear about what you needed did the rest. I was looking for some tasting tables that had a channel and the logo of the place. After a couple of tests and as many corrections, the final design arrived. A versatile piece that serves to present a breakfast as a meal. Challenge achieved.


Atalanta en restaurante La Salita

LA SALITA (Valencia)

Bego Rodrigo arrived at our workshop on the hand of another client and, as happens to us sometimes, we had the feeling that an old friend was visiting us.

She was very clear about what she needed and we could do it: Strong, simple and timeless pieces.

This is how Atalanta Madera became part of La Salita Restaurante’s wardrobe when dressing its tables.

The result, simply spectacular.

Instagram: @lasalita_rte

Táboa degustación Atalanta en madeira de cor de berenxena con cuncas a xogo en Nana Pancha


In 2018, the III edition of the Incitus awards (which value projects that provide greater innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector) went to the project of the Mexican canteen Nana Pancha in A Coruña. When we saw the news in the newspaper we thought that our colorful dishes had to look great in a Mexican restaurant. We did not hesitate and contacted Ana Elorza, the owner of this establishment. After a few days he called us (which was still under construction) to see the pieces. The decision was immediate: the plates that suited him best were the 20 cm ones in orange, green and aubergine.

From there they integrated more of our pieces into their presentations, such as the colored bowls. A real visual spectacle.

Photography: Carlota Fariña


O Lagar da Estrella cuncas e táboa de Atalanta Madera


This was the typical case where word of mouth leads to one customer bringing you another. In the summer of 2019, we received a call from Álvaro Gantes (cook of this restaurant). A customer of ours gave him our phone number when he asked for someone to make some fresh wooden plates. He wanted us to stop by and see our pieces

On the first visit we already saw what kind of pieces fit best and got to work. A set of small plates for the break of bread and cutlery arrived at the tables of O Lagar da Estrella.

Later, we expanded the range of our pieces there: a cheese plate, tasting tables with a spatula and a small bowl …


Pezas de restaurante O Balado de Atalanta Madera


Marta and Roberto have a farmhouse where they live and work.

In his philosophy of working with km. 0, they were looking for household items. Our workshop is only 12 km away and wood is one of the materials they appreciate the most.

We left the visit to O Balado with the feeling that we had known them all our lives, as if some old friends had approached us. We suggest square plates, bowls and tasting tables that they use every day.

His good work has been recognized with a Green Michelin Star.


Táboa degustación artesanal de San Coffee feita por Atalanta


In our second participation at the Black Label trade show, we discovered two entrepreneurs who were looking for just one of the items we featured at the trade show: custom tasting tables.

After knowing your needs, we present you with a set of customized tables where you serve your specialty coffees, breakfasts and cakes. We think these tables perfectly represent the spirit of the place.


Biscoito de cortesía en prato Atalanta

CAFE DE VENECIA (Santiago de Compostela)

Óscar de Toro, professional barista and owner of Venecia, was changing the kitchen utensils in which to serve the complimentary snacks with which he treats the customers of his places. For this, he thought of using protected pieces under the Artesanía de Galicia brand. He started with some ceramic bowls in which he would serve the curds and looking for another way to present them, he thought of us.

Some tables with a hole were our proposal to be able to take the curds, the spoon, the napkin and the bread at the same time. Then came the toast boards and a complimentary mini cake plate.

Oscar is very easy to work with.

Instagram: @